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Stolen car associated with Paraguayan President

Sunday, June 30 2013 11:19:28 - Opinion

Paraguay three ministers resigned after it was revealed that President Luis Gonzalez Macchi stolen, smuggled abroad, traveling in a car. Ministers were already a good part of regularly accused of corruption, in addition to allegedly stole half the cars in the country. The President denies that he could have been the origin of the car. Luis Gonzalez Macchi Three of the Minister autóügy was the final straw was abandoned. All of them are members of the National Encounter Party. The party's coalition with the much larger Colorado Party rule. The ministers demanded the reorganization of the government and the other ministers are calling for the resignation. The departures under the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Public Works absolutely should resign. The Minister of Public Works along with corruption is suspected to be a failed coup attempt last year sentenced to prison megkínoztatta owners.

The Minister of the Interior about the stolen car chair said, and the case is immaterial, since Paraguay journalists, priests, and even the police can use stolen cars. "

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