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Washington imposed conditions Belgrade

Friday, June 20 2014 17:09:57 - Opinion

Historic talks in Washington called Yugoslav President Kostunica, though admitted that the American administration to assist the country tied to "strengthen their partnerships" to cooperate with the International Tribunal in the Hague. That is, the tenegerentúlon unspoken, but again stated: it is okay to Milosevic in prison, but it is in The Hague would be the cell.

Recent scandals in the Szabadságpártnál

Thursday, June 19 2014 19:48:51 - Quote

Monika Forstingertől, the right-wing populist Austrian People's Party (FPÖ) infrastructure of a member of the Cabinet of the Minister of "racist and anti-Semitic" because of the SOS requires immediate dismissal of a fellow human aid organization called the Social Democratic Party of Austria and the Austrian Jewish Community. Article of Nazi victims to be paid Austrian damages in connection opined that if prevented, could not be that Wolfgang Schuessel Chancellor and Maria Schaumayer - the compensation is dealing with Government Agent - knees fall of the U.S. 'east coast mighty before "(Haider thus mentions the United States, the Jews) this should have been publicly condemned. In addition, among other things, running out of the writing of "criminals and asylum heroinafrikaiak" counter, Interior Minister Ernst Strasser "extremely soft asylum politics" of the Austrian People's Party (ÖVP) to the left of connecting calls.

Sex Scandal of the Serbian government

Monday, June 16 2014 15:44:55 - Quote

On Wednesday, hundreds of days is that the Serbian government took office, the composition of which can be changed within a few days. In fact, one of the Deputy Prime Minister called for the resignation - including Zoran Djindjics too - since accused her of being sexually abused by a close munkatársnőit. Vuk Obradovics of social democracy, the President denies the accusations.

Mild accusations against the black teenager shot dead by police

Saturday, June 14 2014 12:26:25 - Blog

More than two hundred Cincinnattiben protest on Monday night, after the recent death of unarmed black young white police officer shot dead by the authorities against the charges formulated in very mild. The authorities expect a much larger protests, but the rain and the local black community leaders to call calmed tempers. Roach's attorney, the police officer "disappointed" because the indictment was, but acknowledged that the mildest punitive criminal charges. The police officer was accused of hindering the official work, because different versions of the stories told during interrogation colleagues.

'Holy War' in Germany

Thursday, June 12 2014 20:47:14 - Reports

Collect money and power in the Islamic terrorist organizations in Germany, but authorities say it is not impossible that the country's violent place. The federal government is aware that including Hamas, Hezbollah representatives roam the German mosques and donations collected in the "Holy War" purposes. The German program on ZDF, one of the activities of terrorist groups present, and reports that the U.S. embassy attacks in Kenya fibers can lead to Germany.

The NATO Secretary General murderers called the Albanian rebels

Sunday, June 08 2014 14:11:43 - Reports

Murderers called the Albanian rebels, NATO Secretary General, Lord Robertson, who promised that NATO commanders in the south wing of the Macedonian armed forces leaders meet and discuss possibilities to support the fight against the rebels. Javier Solana on Monday also discussed the Macedonian capital. The European Union's policy chief envoy trying to persuade the Macedonian leaders to desist from the introduction of a state of war - by the MTI.

Bosnia: concerns about the riots

Friday, June 06 2014 22:07:54 - Quote

The Banja Luka clashes not only in the Republika Srpska (RS), the ruffled feathers, but in the whole of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The majority Serb-populated city that you want to rebuild a Moslem mosque foundation-stone ceremony was interrupted by angry Serbs, and from there to the Muslim believers. The clashes later extended to the rest of the city, and only with great difficulty, peacekeepers could only megregulázni the angry crowd.

Still no unity government in Skopje

Thursday, June 05 2014 13:01:51 - Quote

Macedonia is one of the smallest party has not made the final decision that is connected to the Unity. The UCK - against which continues the action of the Macedonian army - while the Court considered not to be viable for a long time, the government, in which the representative is not in place. The Tuesday-night negotiations, the Macedonian Prime Minister announced that the leading Macedonian parties agree to take all the important participation of Albanian and Slav party grand coalition government of national unity formed. Ljupcso Georgijevszki Prime Minister, the imposition of a state of war off the table. The Prime Minister of marathon negotiations between the parties after the journalists is refined by showing that a large part of the deal was put together, and some smoothing is expected on Wednesday after the coalition is formed. Georgijevszki into two main opposition parties - the Slav majority socialists and the Democratic Party of Albania prosperity - is the current three-party coalition, which also already includes one of the political representatives of the minority group, the Democratic Party of Albanians.

Il Presidente: maffioso?

Tuesday, June 03 2014 15:30:37 - News

Significant part of the European press as a moral disaster and Berlusconi's party would you rate the success of the Italian Parliament. The affairs of corruption and mafia relations infamous media baron party provider, only the steeper allies. The politician is reliable - although not high tower - leading the popularity charts, but the prosecution pepper breaks his nose, which was recently applied for exemption from the suspension of Representatives.

Does not reduce air pollution in the United States

Sunday, June 01 2014 17:46:09 - Blog

Although the Bush administration winds gained speed like all the greens and the (seemingly) more environmentally friendly European allies and expresses his dislike of the limitation of emissions of greenhouse gases in the Kyoto protocol, the unilateral termination of the offensive best is yet to come. Although more recently published study in the United States substantially using different power saving techniques could hamper the hunger for power, the Bush White House, led by production rather dramatically increasing the limit on the "energy crisis" is solved. The result would be increased air pollution.

Returned from the Great Train Robber

Friday, May 30 2014 22:43:21 - Opinion

A disability, is unable to speak, the three surviving a heart attack, and a red cowboy hat wearing Sun reklámpólót old man arrived Monday at the airport northolti. The Sun tabloid magánrepülőgépén traveler, a man sitting in a wheelchair England's most famous vonatrablója, Ronnie Biggs was. The Great Train Robber As a famous man, who lives in Rio de Janeiro since 1966, has been waiting for the police.

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